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Exploring an intensifying global risks landscape

April 22, 2019

Zurich North America CEO Kathleen Savio highlights the importance of managing risks in an increasingly uncertain world.

Kathleen Savio

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Savio is Chief Executive Officer for Zurich North America, a position she has held since... About this expert

environmental risks

Zurich is proud that each year we collaborate with the World Economic Forum and Marsh & McLennan Companies to produce the annual Global Risks Report.

As a strategic partner, Zurich provides input and guidance into the strategy, scope and methodology of the report and key content areas to focus on. We also provide in-depth analysis and commentary on the risks identified by the annual survey.

As Zurich North America CEO Kathleen Savio noted in her introduction to an infographic highlighting some of the key risks detailed in the 2019 Global Risks Report, working closely with the World Economic Forum gives us firsthand insights into the various global risks keeping leaders up at night. Ultimately, we can share these findings, coupled with Zurich’s own insights, with our customers.

As Savio explained in a recent issue of Leaders magazine, by continuing to participate in this important WEF report process, we can help ensure that a light continues to shine on these risks. Working together, we can then find solutions.