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Vehicle data: Putting a stop to fraud and theft

April 16, 2019

Today’s vehicles process and capture more information than ever. This data may help put a stop to fraudulent claims and improve recovery opportunities.

Vehicle Data Infographic

Fraud and theft are key concerns for businesses with auto exposures.  As technology has evolved, in-vehicle data may help combat fraudulent claims and improve recovery opportunities.

Key systems include:

  • Event data recorders (EDRs) are an older technology commonly referred to as the “black box,” the devices capture information relevant to a physical event, such as a collision. Legally, EDRs are required to capture an store a minimum of 15 data points.1
  • In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) is newer, increasingly popular and evolving technology and typically utilizes a dashboard, Bluetooth capabilities and smartphones. In addition to information about the physical environment, IVI stores robust navigation, communication and entertainment data independent of a physical event.

When foul play is suspected, data from these systems mayhelp Zurich’s Special Investigations Unit determine the following:

  • Who was involved?
  • Where was the vehicle located?
  • What happened?

Ultimately, the best way to combat fraud and theft is to prevent it.