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Reporting worker injury claims online aids better outcomes

July 10, 2019

Zurich’s online claims reporting system can improve outcomes for workers with occupational injuries and help employers reduce costs

Workplace injuries stress everyone affected. In addition to the discomfort of an injury, the employee may well face time off the job and a disruption in the normal routine. The employer must deal not only with concern over the employee’s well-being, but also the potential costs of additional overtime or temporary help to maintain productivity. The employer may also be required to respond to stringent statutory reporting requirements, with the potential for fines and civil actions if reporting is delayed.

Zurich understands the challenge of workplace injuries. We now provide customers with the convenience and speed of one of the industry’s most sophisticated online claims reporting tools.

Our online system is available for first reports of claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is accessible on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Documents and photographs can be dragged and dropped into the online report when necessary. The system even features a virtual assistant that can help address many typical questions and issues.

Zurich’s own predictive analytics tools have shown that early reporting of workplace injury claims reduces overall costs and results in better outcomes. Our online claims reporting system is designed and built to help customers achieve those cost reductions and positive outcomes with a convenient way to report an injury quickly and start moving the claims process immediately.

Watch the video above for a brief introduction to Zurich’s online claims reporting system.

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