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Benchmark Study of Healthcare Professional Liability Claims

October 14, 2019

Zurich’s newest report on healthcare professional liability shares valuable risk insights into trends on claim frequency, severity and average loss costs.

2019 Benchmark Study

The amount of healthcare data available to Zurich North America is robust. Our 2019 Benchmark Study of Healthcare Professional Liability Claims puts this extensive data into context to provide meaningful insights on healthcare claims trends from hospital and outpatient care providers across the U.S.

By tapping into the extensive experience and industry knowledge of Zurich’s underwriting, claims, risk and actuarial professionals, we explore key trends to help our customers navigate the challenges and opportunities of the evolving healthcare landscape.

This year’s 14th annual report also includes three articles that explore emerging risks impacting the healthcare industry. Our writers cast a thoughtful spotlight on the benefits and challenges presented by medical marijuana, telehealth services, and social media/digital communications and the potential impact on claims.

The healthcare sector has continued to navigate an ever-changing environment of complex risks while serving the dual mission of providing high-quality patient care as cost-effectively as possible. Our Benchmark Study is just one way that Zurich demonstrates its dedication to the healthcare industry and the larger community we all serve.