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A food companys risks evolved Zurich served up cyber insurance solutions

November 27, 2019

Hormel Foods needed help addressing cyber risks. Zurich offered the insights, then helped deliver the protection of its cyber insurance program. 

Zurich has been helping Hormel Foods build resilience to a range of risks for over 15 years. In that time, digital technology has delivered new efficiencies and new challenges for many manufacturing companies. One of those challenges — cyber threats — led to Zurich’s introduction of cyber insurance and Cyber Risk Engineering services for customers.

In this video, Hormel’s Risk Manager Jeff Horner and Zurich North America CEO Kathleen Savio share how an enduring business relationship helped Hormel assess and address emerging cyber risks.

“By listening,” Horner said, “Zurich anticipated a need and helped us solve for it.”

Cyber threats continue to evolve for the businesses that Zurich helps insure and protect. That’s one reason Zurich has enhanced its cyber insurance product portfolio with additional industry-specific policy endorsements. After the video, read more about the enhancements here .