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Building cyber-secure mindsets: Managing ransomware

April 21, 2020

Ransomware attacks are a big business for the modern criminal. How can organizations manage this growing threat?


For cybercriminals, ransomware attacks are low-risk, high-reward activities that can be deployed at any time – particularly during a global crisis such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, when many businesses are subject to huge disruption.

In a multipart video series, Lori Bailey, Global Head of Cyber Risk, and Paige Adams, Group Chief Information Security Officer for Zurich Insurance Group, guide us through an informed and diligent approach to managing ransomware risk.

Episode 1: Identify

Cybercriminals are leveraging the coronavirus to stage ransomware attacks on businesses of all sizes around the globe. Learn more about the steps an organization can take to help manage this risk.

Episode 2: Protect

Addressing potential risks is one step organizations can take when protecting against ransomware attacks. In addition to implementing a variety of technological recommendations, this video discusses the role employees can play in helping reduce the risk of cyber attacks on an organization.

Episode 3: Detect and respond

A ransomware attack can use a stealth approach, lurking behind the scenes in an organization’s IT infrastructure for months before springing into action. What can an organization do to guard against this type of ransomware attack, and how should an organization respond if a threat is detected? Taking the steps outlined in this video could help.

Episode 4: Recover

An organization’s next steps after a ransomware attack can be crucial, especially as recovering from an attack can disrupt standard business operations. Learn the importance of having a plan in place before a cyber threat occurs, as well as the actions to take after a ransomware attack occurs.

Episode 5: Ransomware management in summary

Adopting a mindset of cyber resilience is crucial for businesses of all sizes, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Does your organization have a plan in place for ransomware management?

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