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Prevent water leakage from impacting your business

April 13, 2020

Commercial property water damage can be costly, especially when leaks go undetected. Our video illustrates the impact and how to help manage this risk.

Water damage can be devastating. Whether it starts as a small drip or a torrential gush, water leakage is a leading cause of commercial property loss from a frequency and severity standpoint, according to Zurich Claims data1.

Now imagine that leak going undetected. As Zurich Risk Engineer Dara Garnett explains in the accompanying video, a 1-inch water pipe with a full break can fill a swimming pool in less than three hours!2 Undetected and unattended leaks can create thousands of dollars in commercial property water damage, as well as operational disruption, employee displacement and potential reputational and structural losses.

Our video shows why a water damage prevention plan is so important. This may include placing water leak detection sensors strategically near pipes and water-supply lines in your facility. Because sensors can send alerts to targeted responders or even activate shut-off valves to stop the flow of water, the severity of a water event can be dramatically minimized. And this is just one of many preventive measures you can take.

Learn how Zurich’s Risk Engineering team can help you manage water damage risks and stop a small drip from creating an ocean of trouble.

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