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Virtual consulting

Zurich Services Virtual Consulting provides innovative risk engineering solutions and services that can optimize operating performance and accelerate financial results. By providing you with data-driven insights into loss exposures, and then helping you translate these insights into practical actions, Virtual Consulting generates tangible value—quickly and easily.

The information on this site represents the compilation of data from millions of insurance claims in thousands of industries. To make it easy for you to find information that is relevant for your business, only the information for your operations is presented for your review. In addition to identifying the most common hazards a business in your industry is likely to encounter, we provide real-world solutions that you can implement on your own.

Also, because we understand that few businesses have access to safety professionals, we infused this site with tools that can help you develop and implement controls to reduce your risk. The site includes links to training videos; sample policies and procedures; technical information on various risk topics; and links to other useful websites.

Virtual Consulting is the most effective way for you to access the information and tools you need to improve worker and customer safety and reduce the risk of loss in your business environment.

Virtual Consulting is available for all of our valued customers.

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