Commercial builder's risk

Buildings under construction or renovation are exposed to various risk hazards. Risk managers should consider all risk exposures including, but not limited to, vandalism, fire, theft, wind, lightning, hail, building collapse and water damage.

Whether it is coverage for the building under construction, materials on site, materials in transit to the work location, or delay in completion, builders risk insurance can provide  insurance protection for both owners and general contractors.

Industry leader

Zurich is a leading provider of builders risk coverage for mid- to large-size construction projects ranging in size from $50 million and greater in total construction values. Since buildings are exposed to many different risks while under construction, it is important that the coverage provided during the course of construction addresses the needs of the specific project(s). 

Zurich has been an industry leader in the construction insurance segment for over 20 years.

Zurich’s knowledgeable Risk Engineering team is specifically dedicated to servicing builders risk clients.

building with netting

Program features

  • Master Builders Risk Program designed to cover a customer’s project portfolio on either a reporter or project-specific placement basis, which can include dedicated capacity, rates, and terms and conditions at program inception
  • Project Builders Risk Program designed to cover a single construction project of $50 million or larger
  • Capacity of $500 million or more for certain risk types
  • Natural catastrophe limits in both non-critical and high-risk zones for up to $250 million and $50 million, respectively
  • Flexible deductibles along with customized coverage limits and sublimits based on customer risk appetite
  • Coverage provided for owner(s) or contractor(s)
  • Limits margin clause to protect against unexpected value changes arising from change orders
  • Insurance protection of interests relating to hard costs of project, materials and labor, general conditions expense, construction management fees, contractor’s profit and overhead and temporary structures

Additional coverage options

  • Delay in completion, including gross profits, rental income and soft costs
  • Contract penalties
  • Crane re-erection expense
  • Off-premises service interruption – direct damage
  • Reward payments
  • Spare construction materials
  • Prevention of access – ingress or egress
  • Flood, named storm and earthquake
  • Emergency property protection expense
  • Design professional fees
  • Debris removal, including removal of uncovered property blown onto project site and recycling of covered property
  • Coverage for aspects of green building construction
  • Existing buildings or structures