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Cyber security

Cyber security has become a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. While the enormous benefits of digital technology are clear, the associated risks can be alarming. Cyber risks are becoming more prevalent and disruptive, with an increased number of incidents involving data breaches, phishing scams, malware attacks, ransomware threats and identity theft. The urgency to protect digital integrity is more important than ever.

No business is immune from cyber vulnerabilities. These threats may be present in nearly any form and on any scale, affecting large, global corporations, mid-sized regional operations and small businesses. To ensure continuity of operations and protect their data, companies must be vigilant about implementing good hygiene practices and constantly updating security measures.

Zurich has for years been at the forefront of delivering cyber solutions. We are ready to work with you to help protect your business.

Security Solutions Simplicity


Cyber security is considered among the greatest of global threats. It has been projected that cybercrimes will cost $6 trillion globally by 2021 – up from $3 trillion in 2015.1 The need for cyber security has spawned an industry that has grown significantly in recent years. )

Cybercrimes have grown from “simple” data hacks to sophisticated attacks that now threaten power grids, transportation systems and the viability of companies large and small. The risk is real. For businesses, these challenges can come from many directions. To offer just three examples:

  • Hacking attacks that compromise a company’s databases and storage
  • Phishing attacks that infiltrate employees’ inboxes and ultimately impact data storage and security
  • Ransomware crimes that hold data hostage by blocking access

Successful cyberattacks can lead to network shutdowns that can threaten business continuity. Depending on the scale of an attack, this business interruption can have a costly and potentially devastating effect on your organization.

1 Cybersecurity Ventures. “Official 2017 Annual Cybercrime Report.” October 2017.


As businesses embrace the opportunities that digital technology affords, threats to data and privacy are growing. Cybersecurity is a necessity in today’s landscape for every size and type of company.

Insurance coverage

The Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy offers more expansive coverage for greater risk protection. Coverages previously available only through endorsement are now embedded within the policy. Most notably, the policy now offers a consistent coverage approach across the globe. Coverages offered in the new Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy:

  • Reputational harm
  • Enhanced media liability
  • Affirmative coverage for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments, fines and penalties
  • System failure
  • Dependent system failure
  • Social engineering funds transfer
  • Claims avoidance coverage

Additional enhancements include:

  • Coverage for voluntary shutdown
  • Risk Engineering consultation
  • Inclusion of device monitoring services
  • Betterment of devices included when needed to install a more secure and efficient computer system


We have streamlined the application process for the Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy. The application includes clear, concise language and a form that can be submitted in a paper format or via an e-platform based on the framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In addition, Zurich offers:

  • Application aligned with the Multinational Insurance Application (MIA)
  • Simplified application process now available for companies under US $750 million

We are committed to addressing the evolving cybersecurity needs of our customers. Experienced Zurich underwriters examine our policies on a regular basis to help ensure we are addressing the most recent cyber threats. In addition, we offer late arising coverage enhancements to all renewed clients.

laptop with blue lead

Cyber risk engineering services

With a Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy, your organization will receive an initial, complimentary consultation with an experienced Zurich Cyber Risk Engineer. We will help identify vulnerabilities and risks that may attack your systems. Our Risk Engineers are familiar with building an effective plan to help you deal with remediation.

On a fee basis, Zurich’s Cyber Risk Engineering team can also assist in the ongoing development and maintenance of a robust information security management system built on three essential pillars – people, process and technology.

server room

Pre-breach services and threat monitoring

In association with a leading cyber security consultancy, Zurich can help provide protection and detection before a cyber threat.

The following services are available on an opt-in basis, included in the policy premium:

  • A complimentary, one-time 360-degree technical assessment of your network and all connected devices
  • Real-time, 24/7 monitoring of up to 50 connected devices on your network, such as servers, workstations, firewalls and other log generating devices
  • On a weekly basis, a full vulnerability scan of all devices in your agreement, with full status reports and patch recommendations to mitigate revealed vulnerabilities
  • Ability to add devices for monitoring beyond the initial 50 for an additional fee
security interface


Zurich offers a team of experienced Cyber Risk Claims Specialists who understand what’s at stake. They can help you mitigate the impacts as promptly and effectively as possible.

Our Claims Specialists are qualified, experienced attorneys who are familiar with the unique scope of cyber-risk events. They are available to regularly consult with customers and recommend services and strategies to help manage the broad spectrum of cyber risks.