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Captive Insurance


What is a Captive Insurance company?

A captive is an insurance company owned and operated by its insureds. The parent company uses the captive to transfer risk as it might with a traditional insurer, placing premiums in the captive and paying claims. A captive can reduce the parent company’s total cost of risk, in addition to providing risk managers with better information and greater transparency for international exposures or complex risks.

Why Zurich?

Our goal is to help captive users reduce costs, expand capabilities and assure compliance. We provide a broad range of life, non-life and consolidated Captive programs with a comprehensive suite of fronting services and can work simultaneously with multiple captive structures. In addition, Zurich’s suite of fronting, compliance, Risk Engineering, and Claims services and tools help risk managers derive the most value from their captives.

We value full transparency in program design and have streamlined our processes and structure across our global insurance network to promote faster money movement to and from a captive.

25+ years
Serving companies with innovative Captive Insurance solutions across multiple captive structures

Countries and territories in Zurich’s global network, one of the largest in the insurance industry, allowing us to provide fronting in locations where you do business

Over 425
Captive fronting programs around the globe


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Single-Parent Captives

Zurich delivers a broad range of fronting, reinsurance, claims, and risk engineering services for single-parent captives – whether your captive covers only U.S. domiciled risks or international locations as well. Your underwriter is supported by a dedicated Zurich Captives team who will help bring transparency and efficiency to your captive program. You can further mitigate risks that your captive covers through utilization of Zurich’s Risk Engineering, which can provide services, insights and tools to help you identify and reduce risks before, during and after an event.

Contact Todd Cunningham

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Sponsored Cell Captives

The Zurich Sponsored Cell Captive is our solution to a segregated portfolio company (SPC) or protected cell company. This solution is designed to be implemented quickly and seamlessly and delivers flexibility, reduced pricing volatility and the ability to customize corporate risk strategies.

Implementing a sponsored cell company as part of your risk management strategy can provide an approach that many midsized and even larger corporations may not have pursued in the past due to the belief that the complexity and costs of program implementation and administration would be prohibitive. Zurich’s Sponsored Cell Captive program structure is both simple and cost-effective.

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Group Captives

Zurich’s Group Captives unit targets a wide range of industry segments with captive minimum first-year premiums of $3 million to $5 million, supported by an appropriate plan to help grow their business. We offer special expertise in construction, transportation practice, temporary staffing and manufacturing. Captive structures can include member-owned group captives, and Segregated Portfolio Companies (SPC). Individual programs can be structured to include quota share programs and stop loss coverage.

Products available for Group Captive customers include Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Commercial Auto.

Contact Zurich’s Group Captives team (see below) for more information

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Other Captive Insurance solutions

Zurich can help design other captive solutions for your company in place of a traditional single-parent or group captive. Zurich assesses and serves various types of Captives through the use of independently owned SPCs.

The SPC option is right for a variety of captive types, including:

  • Multiple-member
  • Single-member
  • Program administrator
  • Association

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Risk Engineering

Group Captives contact information

Zurich has a team of Group Captive specialists who can help you develop the right solution for your business:

  • Group Member-Owned
  • Construction Specialty
  • Transportation specialty
  • Agency and SPC Structured Captives