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Vehicle Protection Products for Owners and Buyers

Go ahead … get out and enjoy the ride!

Few purchases in life compare to the excitement of a new car. Keep that feeling long after you’ve driven off the lot, knowing your vehicle and your budget are protected.


  See how our vehicle protection products can help you.

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Why Zurich?

Zurich offers a wide selection of products that can help you maintain and repair your car, truck, motorcycle or powersports vehicle; preserve its appearance and guard against theft. Easy-to-navigate claims guidance and contact information are also readily available for those times when they’re most needed.


Vehicle protection claims

Contact information specific to each product or service is always easily accessed. Please visit our Vehicle Owners’ Consumer Claims Center to find the appropriate product information.


What are Vehicle Protection Products?

You’re investing more in your vehicle than ever before, and the traditional protections of manufacturers’ warranties and auto insurance often simply aren’t enough to cover the higher costs of owning today’s vehicles. Read why.

Vehicle protection products address specific risks – from theft to environmental damage – and they can help you handle the unforeseen costs of vehicle ownership.

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