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Cyber insurance

What is Cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance can help protect your company against the financial impacts of data breaches, ransomware, employees’ malicious acts and other cyber events that may affect your network and systems. A data breach can severely damage reputation and customer confidence, resulting in significant remediation costs, regulatory fines and costly data restoration. For businesses temporarily shut down by a cyber event, lost income and related business interruption costs can quickly escalate.


The cyber risks facing your company are evolving by the day, so you need an insurance solution that can anticipate today's risks and evolve to meet the risks of tomorrow. Tailored, dedicated cyber insurance will help respond to this evolving risk.



Why Zurich?

Zurich’s Cyber Insurance Policy provides real solutions for the cyber risks customers face. Our product helps customers respond much more rapidly to the impacts of cyber attacks, with advice and help from dedicated cyber risk professionals.

Cyber risk is a global threat, not a local risk such as a fire or flood. The cyber event affecting your company now may have been launched hours or minutes earlier from the other side of the world. Zurich’s global footprint and knowledge base allow us to coordinate a vast reservoir of cyber risk data to deliver rapid responses to affected customers.


Over 10 years
Providing cyber insurance and paying tens of millions of dollars in claims under Zurich’s Cyber Insurance Policy to Zurich customers

Broad cyber coverages
For certain cyber events, including global attacks launched by nation-states and others

Risk reviews & monitoring
Provided by leading cyber security and network monitoring professionals


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Zurich’s Cyber Insurance Policy

Zurich’s policy may provide broad cyber risk coverages and features required by midsized and large organizations in many different industries, including:

  • Coverage limits up to $25 million
  • Security and Privacy Liability coverage
  • Regulatory proceedings defense costs
  • Civil fines and penalties associated with the payment card industry (PCI) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Media liability coverage
  • Privacy data breach costs
  • Business interruption expenses
  • Costs associated with reputational damage
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Cyber Risk Engineering services

The Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy includes an initial, 360-degree review of overall data security, continuous monitoring and vulnerability management of your technology solutions provided by experienced Zurich Cyber Risk Engineering team members.

Our cyber risk specialists stay up to date on the evolving threats to your network and offer insights that can help you defend against them.

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Network monitoring

Zurich Cyber Insurance Policy holders have access to services by ZenOpz™, a leading third-party cyber security and network monitoring consultancy experienced in serving business and government clients. Zurich customers will receive an automatic, initial review of up to 50 network-connected devices at no charge, with additional services and ongoing support from the vendor’s network monitoring tools provided at reduced cost.

Managing cyberattacks

Cyber security vendor resources

When helping your company recover from a data breach, Zurich professionals may recommend specialized solutions and knowledge through referral arrangements with leading privacy and breach counsel, as well as forensics and other cyber security vendors. The privacy and breach counsel will become the main point of contact once an organization believes its network may have been penetrated.

Once engaged, the privacy and breach counsel will act as project manager for an overall response team consisting of experts in cyber security and technology. The team will assess the best course of action to address a cyber event.


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