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Travel Protection

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What is Travel Protection?

People are traveling like never before, increasing demand for trip insurance and assistance services.1 Zurich Travel Protection offers valued coverages for trip cancellation, overseas medical, lost baggage and more.

Flexibility sets us apart. We work with employers, travel suppliers and educational institutions to customize solutions to their population’s needs, whether for business travel accident, leisure travel insurance or student travel insurance and assistance, including coverage for school staff and study abroad.

Our renowned Zurich Travel Assist™ services provide 24/7 medical, travel and security assistance, complete with a mobile app and access to our global network of medical providers and security resources. We also can coordinate with other travel assistance providers.

Why Zurich?

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Zurich Insurance Group today is one of the world’s top three travel insurance providers.2 Our internationally recognized travel brands include Zurich Travel Assist, Travelex and Cover-More.

24/7 emergency support
Zurich Travel Assist services are provided through Zurich’s wholly owned World Travel Protection. More than 15.9 million travelers trust their assistance needs to World Travel Protection each year.3

Global presence
In business for over a century, Zurich has been global from the start. Today we have a presence in more than 215 countries and territories. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 trusts Zurich for insurance products and services.4



Business Travel Accident

Helps employers fulfill their duty of care responsibilities to employees traveling on the company’s behalf, whether it’s a local trip, out of state, or out of the country. Zurich Travel Assist can support employees in medical, security and travel emergencies 100 miles or more from home.

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Leisure Travel Insurance

Provided through travel suppliers that include Zurich member company Travelex, our coverages can provide compensation for trip cancellation, interruption and delay, as well as overseas medical treatment, evacuation, repatriation and more. Zurich Travel Assist is there for travelers in emergencies.

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Student Travel Insurance

Our Student Travel coverage and assistance is provided to educational institutions and can extend to both students and staff. Related coverages such as Student Accident and Intercollegiate Sports Coverage can simplify vendor management for institutions and organizations.


Zurich Travel Assist

Available with our Business Travel, Leisure Travel and Student Travel coverages, our travel assistance service offers all-hours support for medical, security and travel emergencies around the world. The mobile app provides real-time travel alerts, emergency support and security information on 230 destinations worldwide.


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Life and absence management solutions


Professional Liability

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2. Cover-More Group Limited is a top three global travel insurance and assistance provider based in Sydney, Australia. Zurich Insurance Group acquired Cover-More in 2017 through the wholly owned subsidiary Zurich Travel Solutions Pty Limited. Travelex Insurance Services, based in Omaha, was acquired by Cover-More in 2016. World Travel Protection Canada Inc. has been an incorporated business in Canada since 1991, operating as a third party administrator (TPA) of travel insurance products, and has extensive experience in servicing various products, such as leisure and group policies, credit card benefits and business travel assistance. In 2018 Zurich acquired additional travel businesses, including Travel Ace and Universal Assistance, leading providers of travel and assistance services in Latin America.
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4. Based on companies with a Zurich policy in effect in 2018, cross-checked with companies on the 2018 Fortune 500 list.