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Agent, broker and program administrator online services

Forms/General Tools

Policy Tools

Auto ID Card Tool for Program Admins            Learn more

eZiNA            Learn more

LEAP            Learn more

PA Enterprise Umbrella            Learn more

Policy Document Retrieval            Learn more

Producer Clearance & Registration            Learn more

Surety Bond Validator            Learn more

ZPLUS            Learn more

zpWC            Learn more

Z-Spire Central            Learn more

Z-Spire Import File Creator            Learn more

Z-Spire Tool            Learn more

Z-Spire Training            Learn more

Zurich Surety Express            Learn more

Tool Descriptions

  • Auto ID Card Tool for Program Administrators  Create Vehicle ID Cards using an import from Z-SPIRE or entering vehicle information manually or via spreadsheet upload.

  • Direct Bill Account Inquiry  Access to the Billing Web site and Statement of Account for your Direct Bill Customers.

  • eZiNA  Zurich Programs and Alternative Solutions online policy writing system, excluding Workers Compensation.

  • Financial Enterprises Forms Library  Access Zurich North America Financial Enterprises Forms Library

  • Fire Protection Impairment System  Impairments to fire protection systems can prove to be disastrous in emergency situations. This tool provides information, instructions and utilities facilitating impairment notification and restoration of fire protection systems via Fax, e-mail or online.

  • LEAP  Learn about the Lender's Environmental Automation Program that we offer.

  • Loss Run Reporting Tool  (Zurich Systems - Programs & Direct Markets users only)

  • PA Enterprise Umbrella  Zurich Programs online policy writing system for Enterprise Umbrella.

  • Policy Document Retrieval  Access your recently issued policy documents. Policy documents can also be retrieved via Policy Number search or Customer Name search (currently available for a limited number of systems).

  • Producer Clearance & Registration (PC&R)  (Zurich Systems - Programs & Direct Markets users only)

  • Surety Bond Forms  Access forms for Zurich North America Surety

  • Surety Bond Library  Access Zurich North America Surety Forms Library

  • Surety Bond Validator  Use this quick and easy search to determine if a bond has been reported and authorized by Zurich.

  • VIN Verification  Vehicle Identification Number verification online.

  • ZPLUS  A professional liability platform, providing full policy processing and administrative functionality.

  • zpWC  ZNA Workers Compensation online policy writing system (authorized PAs & GAs only)

  • Z-Spire Central  The Z-SPIRE homepage containing documentation and updates about the application.

  • Z-Spire Import File Creator  Listed are the necessary steps to create a properly formatted XML import file from a spreadsheet.

  • Z-Spire Tool  Zurich Services for Policy Issuance Rating and Endorsements touches many aspects of the underwriting process, including submission, rating, issuance and renewals.

  • Z-Spire Training  Training for Zurich Services for Policy Issuance Rating and Endorsements touches many aspects of the underwriting process, including submission, rating, issuance and renewals.

  • Zurich Risk Features  Zurich Risk Features is designed to help our customers and brokers better understand the risk grading process and allows us to work together in reducing risk for the benefit of both Zurich and its customers.

  • Zurich RiskIntelligence®  Zurich RiskIntelligence® is an enhanced claims and loss information tool that gives risk managers the ability to create and view loss analysis reports via the Web using information that is updated daily.

  • Zurich RiskIntelligence Exchange®  Learn about the ability to view loss data from your past and present carriers through the RiskIntelligence Exchange product.

  • Zurich RiskIntelligence Express®  Zurich RiskIntelligence Express® is a web-enabled tool using point and click technology to view loss information designed for authorized user with low to moderate loss frequency. 

  • Zurich Surety Express  Rate and issue contract and commercial surety bonds online.