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The Zurich Advantage

Zurich is committed to helping our customers succeed and continuously improve their financial results. As part of this commitment, we have focused on developing income-generation programs that can impact more than the F&I office. When dealerships implement these programs, they can see real results — 13 months of profit in 12 months.

Our profit-generating programs include:

Build for the future with our profit participation programs

The hard work you put into building your business doesn’t go unnoticed. Zurich wants to help you grow your dealership’s revenue potential through our profit participation program. Profit participation is a critical part of how dealers can generate incremental income from F&I. You can put our F&I products to work building wealth.

Profit participation reviews from Zurich’s National Reinsurance Executives and Regional Finance Executives help identify trends and opportunities to manage and maximize a profitable portfolio. Participate in the profits of the Zurich F&I products you sell in your F&I department.