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Insurance for healthcare facilities

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Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry must confront an evolving landscape of risk that includes changing business models, technological innovations and regulatory reforms. These challenges can impact productivity, customer relationships and financial goals. Customized insurance solutions can help hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities, assess and mitigate these risks, allowing them to pursue their primary mission: delivering high-quality medical care.

Why Zurich?

Zurich offers an integrated approach to help healthcare customers respond to the full scope of risks. Our Underwriting, Claims and Risk Engineering specialists have years of industry experience serving a wide range of healthcare customers, including hospitals, medical outpatient facilities and senior care providers. With broad insurance products and Risk Engineering services, Zurich is positioned to help healthcare organizations reduce their total cost of risk.

$1.4M average recovery cost
from a cyberattack in healthcare organizations1

548K healthcare workers experience workplace injuries
and illnesses annually, leading all other industries2

5,750 fires per year caused $60.4B in property damage
within a five year period to healthcare facilities3

  • Healthcare Facilities

Insurance coverages for healthcare facilities

Traditional coverages:

General Liability, Automotive Liability, Umbrella

Healthcare industry coverages:

Property Insurance
Zurich’s proprietary property forms offer healthcare-specific coverage, including building damage, medical and other equipment damage, patient evacuation, and disease outbreaks/contamination events.

Cyber Security and Privacy Insurance
Zurich’s solution includes cyber security and privacy liability, regulatory proceedings defense costs, notification costs, forensic investigation fees, business interruption, legal and public relations costs, and more.

Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance
Zurich’s broad coverage forms are designed to help navigate potential liability risks, including abusive acts coverage, crisis management, subpoena response assistance, Good Samaritan acts and more.

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Tools and solutions

Medical management
Helping customers manage medical-related costs

Zurich RiskIntelligence®
Helping healthcare customers understand and address their cost drivers

Risk Engineering services provided with Zurich policies include:
Zurich Risk Advisor©; slip, trip and fall (STF) prevention resources, water mitigation recommendations, hearing conservation, risk reduction seminars and webinars, and more.

Fee-based services 
  • Property risk assessment
  • Water intrusion evaluation
  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Fleet program reviews and implementation assistance
  • Safety Source Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Slip, trip and fall (STF) assessment
  • Ergonomic review

Risk Engineering Solution Suite for Healthcare


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