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Managing risk for your business

Zurich's Risk Engineering provides a wide array of products and services that helps your business reduce risk and related losses

Slip, trip and fall safety

Risk Engineering

Business leaders need to stay up-to-date with evolving risk intelligence to more effectively manage their business. By collaborating with our risk specialists, you can gain the knowledge you need to manage your risk. Zurich offers tools, services and training to help you build your risk management processes. Zurich Risk Engineers strive to understand your business and work with you year after year to improve and customize our approach to risk management for better effectiveness and efficiency.

Zurich provides an effective approach to risk management to help you protect your business against risk rather than simply insuring against it. We begin with risk identification and then grade these exposures to create a strategic risk-management plan. Our Risk Engineers are then able to suggest improvements based on our in-depth industry knowledge and risk insight to help create an effective loss-prevention strategy.

Zurich Insurance Group’s 900 Risk Engineers worldwide are a source for risk improvement strategies that can play a key role in helping reduce overall costs of risks, in part because our global programs are developed using standardized operating procedures and diligent internal training. We encourage solution innovation through participation in technical communities and persistent examination of current legislation and regulation. We are dedicated to crafting intelligent risk management tools, such as My Zurich and Zurich Risk Advisor.

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 Risk management begins with insight

 Risk Engineering thought leadership

Areas of risk

Find innovative solutions and tools, services and education specifically designed for areas of risk that affect your industry.

Auto and motor fleet insurance


Recognizing that most businesses have some type of vehicle operations, Risk Engineering has consultants with extensive experience with a wide variety of motor fleets, ranging from heavy commercial trucks to private passenger cars. Whether the business demands professional drivers or driving is just part of a larger job for the employees, Zurich can help.

Motor fleet safety

  • Loss and root cause analysis
  • Motor fleet risk assessment
  • Driver safety training and orientation strategies

Automotive dealerships and garages

  • Safeguard rules, OFAC and red flag rule consultations
  • Best practices for key control management, inventory control and tracking

Tools and solutions

Motor fleet safety

  • Fleet safety program review checklists
  • Guides for evaluating driver motor vehicle records
  • Zurich Risk Advisor Self-Assessment app

Automotive dealerships and garages

  • Action plan to help you align with Finance and Insurance regulations
  • Loss Prevention checklist
  • Safety posters and signs

Construction insurance


Our Construction Risk Engineers are dedicated to understanding the operational needs unique to the construction industry. We offer a variety of risk management programs specifically designed to address the leading exposures inherent to construction.

  • Soft tissue injury prevention
  • Highway work zone safety
  • Accident scene investigation
  • Construction defect mitigation
  • Subguard

Tools and solutions

  • Zurich X-ray interview based assessment process
  • Zurich Safetynet

Employee health and safety insurance 


Zurich’s health and safety specialists provide a baseline audit of key health and safety management issues and determine the adequacy of current systems and resources.

  • Health and safety risk management assessment and audit
  • Loss source targeted services
  • Zurich return to work (RTW) program

Machinery breakdown insurance


Risk Engineering's Machinery Breakdown team focuses on helping our customers reduce the frequency and severity of losses related to machinery breakdown by providing a proactive analysis of current operating practices.

  • Site risk assessment
  • Jurisdictional equipment assessment
  • Zurich energy audit

Marine and maritime insurance


As global economic activity gains momentum, more and more companies are shipping goods across the country and around the world. The opportunities of global trade are great, but when your property is in transit or in storage awaiting shipment, risk always goes along for the ride.

  • Dock operations
  • Terminals and ports
  • International cargo shipments
  • Cargo storage, packing and delivery
  • Container load and stow operations
  • Supply chain security
  • Contract labor providers
  • Marine construction

Product liability insurance


Our product liability Risk Engineering specialists follow a lifecycle approach to help manage product risks, from design to recall.

Tools and solutions

  • Zurich Hazard Analysis (ZHA)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification (HACCP)
  • Warning and instruction manual review
  • Product liability prevention program review and training
  • Product recall and brand protection

Property insurance


Risk Engineering's Property loss prevention programs are designed to support your risk management needs and are administered by an Account Engineer who will work with you to deliver the best possible service.

  • Property loss prevention services
  • Risk management and business continuity services
  • Natural hazards


  • Fire protection courses (one and two week sessions available)