Business interruption coverage calculator

The Business Interruption Coverage Calculator (BICC) is built to reduce the guesswork and variability involved in evaluating business interruption exposures and calculating business interruption coverage needs. Completing a BI Worksheet is oftentimes perceived as a complicated event, the BICC tool simplifies this process. The result is a mutual benefit of the insurance buying customer, the producer and the insurance provider. A successfully completed BI Worksheet is the foundation for proper Business Interruption valuation and coverage needs. Valuation is not a single event occurrence. Valuation is an ongoing process. The BICC is one tool in the valuation arsenal available for use.

Before You Get Started…

The performance and response time of BICC is dependent on processor speed, memory, system settings, and type of connection to the network. For example, BICC will not perform well using a dial up connection on Windows 95. Each BICC tool is quite large, (about 4.3 MB) so please be patient when opening these documents.
We designed the BICC tool to work with Microsoft Excel version 5.0 and higher. This tool will not operate with older Excel versions. When you first open the tool, a screen will appear explaining the workbook you are opening contains macros. Very Important, click yes "enable macros".

From the start, the tool guides the user through a detailed step by step process, to complete a business income worksheet. Simply follow the flow of the user friendly screens. Upon completion, the user will be able to save the completed worksheet as an Excel document to a destination folder and file name of her own choice.

Setting the Font Size

Users may need to change their computer screen font settings to align screen elements (example: “Back” and “Continue” buttons do not display correctly). To change the font settings:

  1. Right click on the Desktop
  2. Select Properties
  3. Choose the Appearance tab, under Font Size select Normal from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose Settings tab, under Screen Resolution select nothing less than 1024 x 768.

Connect to the Tool

The Excel-based-tool has been customized for six industry segments. Click on a specific industry segment from the list below and link yourself to the Business Income Coverage Calculator for that chosen industry segment.


Questions concerning the application of the tool, refer to your local Zurich Underwriting or Account Representative.