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Zurich Service Advisor Training

Zurich Service Advisor Training: Power Training 2020

We’ve taken our service advisor training to the next level with Zurich Power Training 2020. This all-new training, led by Steve Shaw, one of the industry’s premier service advisor trainers, takes the key elements of success in the service drive and breaks each down into simple, easy-to-implement training bites. The result? It’s one of the most interactive and impactful service advisor training programs.

This training is designed for all skill levels – from the new hire to the seasoned advisor. Topics include:

Multi-Point Inspection Training
Using pass-fail to create the need to buy.

Menu Presentation
Presenting minimum requirements with one upsell. This could add thousands of dollars to the bottom line— immediately.

Objection Handling
Understanding why customers buy and how to gain acceptance by presenting facts.

Bonus Topics
Selling service contracts on the drive. Receive an insider’s guide to creating GROSS with one question.

Ready to increase your labor hours per repair order by 0.1, 0.2 or even more than 0.5?

Then don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend Zurich Service Advisor Training: Power Training 2020!

Upcoming seminar registration information:

No location near you?

Call us at 913-664-4390 for more details about our online training options.

Registration Fees:

Zurich F&I customers - $299

(Promo Code: CUSTOMER – will be validated)

All other dealerships - $399

All seminars are 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.