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Zurich applies construction industry insights, creative risk management solutions and superior service capabilities to help manage your exposures.

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Contractors and design professionals

Managing your construction exposures and workforce is an industry-wide priority. It’s important to find the right insurance coverage for your trade and individual skill set. Zurich provides tools and resources to help you focus on the future of your business.



Construction insurance products

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. You need to make sure your insurance policies extend coverage for both you and your employees. Zurich offers programs that provide coverages to buildings, materials and equipment protection, and that span workplace injury and subcontractor defaults. Zurich’s suite of insurance products can create holistic, integrated solutions for construction projects of all sizes.



Construction risk management

It often takes a broad approach to identify your most impactful exposures.

Work with an insurance provider that has insurance products available to devise coverage according to your risk assessment. Zurich’s decades of industry experience can help your business create a tailored, thorough approach to risk.