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KAMP Remembrance Garden

Upon the one-year anniversary of 9/11, Zurich created a living legacy to those lost tragically that day. Along with the KAMP Leadership Award, Zurich also dedicated the KAMP Remembrance Garden as a place of tribute and reflection. In the original location, the KAMP Remembrance Garden consisted of a Memorial Stone, four white rose bushes and the KAMP Legacy Tree. When the current Zurich North America Headquarters was built, the garden was given a prominent place on our campus.

KAMP has become an important part of who we are at Zurich North America. Our employees voted to name one of the two central roads on campus KAMP Drive as an additional marker of remembrance. The original Memorial Stone and KAMP Legacy Tree are featured in the garden. As the tree grows, it continues to help us to remember those lost. Zurich North America is committed to sustaining the legacy of those we lost by celebrating exceptional leaders in our organization today.

World Trade Center Steel

This piece of World Trade Center Steel was presented to Zurich North America by New York Fire Department Commissioner Salvatore “Sal” Cassano and the 9/11 Tribute Center in 2012. It is a symbol of our strong relationships and our commitment to keeping alive the memories of our four lost colleagues.

KAMP Legacy Tree

On the one-year anniversary of 9/11, Zurich North America planted this memorial tree at our previous headquarters to honor four colleagues and others lost on September 11, 2001. The tree moved with us to our new headquarters in 2016 and continues to be a living legacy of our commitment to our people.

Memorial Stone and Rose Bushes

The white rose bushes symbolize each of our lost colleagues and are marked by the Memorial Stone that was dedicated in 2002.

Reflection Area

Dedicated in 2017, the Reflection Area features a bench and sculpture made from similar material to that featured at the Reflecting Absence memorial at the base of the World Trade Center site.