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Builders risk - remodeling


The remodeling builders risk program provides coverage for basic-to-complex residential and commercial renovation projects, with option to include the existing structure. Policy options include a six, nine or twelve month term and allow for occupancy when the owner is acting as the contractor.  


  • Commercial and residential structures during the course of new construction or remodeling

Ineligible risks:

  • Mobile homes
  • Registered historical structures
  • Structures built over water


  • Nationwide

Submission requirements:

  • Provide addresses of project locations
  • Provide total completed value of projects

Other requirements:

  • Builders are required to have at least two years of general contracting experience.

Coverages offered:

  • Inland marine coverage
  • Coverage available on a single structure, reporting form or blanket (deposit premium) basis

Coverage limits:

  • Projects up to $75 million are eligible, subject to underwriting approval

Admitted or non-admitted paper:

  • Admitted

Additional program highlights:

  • Coverage for remodelers (including major structural renovation), purchasers under contract, model homes, model home contents, tools and equipment, trade-ins, and unsold dwellings is available.
  • Rating and underwriting guidelines apply
  • Business income coverage, waiver of coinsurance and other coverages are available for commercial structures
  • Residential and small commercial single structure policies are written on an annual basis and may be renewed for up to an additional two years
  • A separate policy will allow two years of additional coverage for unsold dwellings
  • Large commercial policies may be written with customized policy terms.
  • $1,000 deductible is standard on all policies
  • A minimum premium ($375 in most states) applies on one-shot policies
  • Rating and underwriting guidelines apply.