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No additional car sales. No increase in PVR.

Zurich is committed to helping our customers succeed and continuously improve their financial results. As part of this commitment, we have focused on developing income-generation programs that can impact more than the F&I office. When dealerships implement these programs, they can see real results — 13 months of profit in 12 months.

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F&I Online - Consumer resources

A Cox Automotive study shows that 63% of consumers are more likely to buy F&I products if they research on their own before they purchase a new car.* Zurich F&I Online helps give customers the product education they want, whether at home, on a mobile device, or in your dealership. It integrates easily into your dealership website, helps generate leads, and gives customers quick, easy-to-understand information through animated videos. Website analytics help you track effectiveness.

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* Q1 2015 Online Retail Finance & Insurance Study, MakeMyDealSM (Cox Automotive)

Digital retailing

Zurich can seamlessly incorporate F&I products into your online selection and pricing tool, allowing customers seeking an online buying experience the ability to learn about F&I products and choose those that interest them. Before the buyer even walks into the dealership, you’ll know their product preferences.

Zurich University

Zurich University provides dealership employees interactive training on a variety of topics, including F&I Sales Presentations, Objection Handling, Compliance, Harassment and Discrimination, Service Advisor Training, and more. Zurich is continuously updating Zurich University with new training topics in order to help keep up with changing regulations, customer buying styles, and sales management techniques. Through the Zurich University portal, the training can be assigned, measured and documented to ensure maximum engagement and efficiency.

Direct Marketing program

Zurich’s innovative Direct Marketing program extends your opportunity to sell vehicle service contracts (VSCs) through various channels beyond the finance office.

Missed Opportunities: Zurich’s Direct Marketing Program is an exciting new opportunity to sell VSCs and other products to car buyers who did not elect to purchase a VSC at the time of sale. This program combines targeted marketing offers, a professional call center, and a data-driven approach to boost the adoption of protection products. It’s the perfect strategy to keep your customers coming back to the dealership.

Expiring Contracts: The expiring contract component of Zurich’s Direct Marketing program allows you the opportunity to sell additional coverage to your customers whose existing vehicle service contracts are approaching expiration. This program presents an additional revenue stream, can help improve retention and offers your customers an enhanced ownership experience.

Service Lane Sales program

The Zurich Service Lane Sales Program provides dealerships the opportunity to increase vehicle service contract sales by closing 10-15% of quotes offered in service, improve overall gross profit as well as reinsurance growth opportunity, and is another critical step toward greater customer retention and loyalty.

This turnkey program makes it easy to present customers with the features and benefits of purchasing a vehicle service contract. Our proven selling system, combined with cutting-edge technology, allows consumers to review and purchase a vehicle service contract while they’re in for service or from the comfort of their own home.

Service Advisor Training seminars

Zurich, in collaboration with Steve Shaw—one of the industry’s leading service advisor trainers—offers one-day service advisor seminars in cities throughout the U.S. This hands-on, one-day training program provides service advisors what they need to know to improve their repair order performance, including proven practices that deliver results.

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F&I Training seminars

Zurich offers regional F&I training seminars multiple times per year at different venues across the nation. The training is designed for dealership management and their F&I teams. Attendees walk away with stronger sales presentation skills, ways to integrate technology into the sales process, a broader knowledge of compliance issues, and the ability to deliver improved results and an optimal customer experience.

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Streamlined Selling System® 4.0

Zurich’s proprietary Streamlined Selling System® 4.0 (SSS 4.0) is a proven F&I presentation process designed for today’s research-driven buyers. SSS 4.0 offers a consistent product presentation designed for transparency and full disclosure. Dealerships that use our process find it helps maintain compliance, improve efficiency, maximize F&I profit opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction.

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