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Programs appetite and criteria

A growing menu of programs — and an appetite for expansion

Our ability to write business for some of the industry’s most unique risks makes Zurich a leader in programs business. We have the capacity and human capital to write new programs that fit our underwriting and risk appetite. Share your program with Zurich today.

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Program Criteria

Zurich's appetite for programs generally meets the following criteria:

  • Program size usually represents a minimum of million in annual premium
  • Generally a homogeneous group or common industry
  • Consistent coverage and limits requirements
  • Single-line or multi-line programs
  • Distributed underwriting and marketing authority to a program administrator, with referral and authorization thresholds
  • Program administrator must demonstrate proven expertise in the class or segment and the ability to rate, quote, issue, and provide all levels of policy servicing and administration

Why Zurich?


We have served the programs business market for more than 50 years and are one of the leading writers of programs in the United States. We provide an island of long term stability, experience and professionalism in the very unstable insurance program marketplace.

Single point of contact for new business

We offer you the capability to work with one single point of contact that will help you bundle multiple products such as professional liability, business office package, workers' compensation and more.


Zurich has relationships with thousands of agents and brokers and we leverage these relationships to help program administrators grow their business. Within Zurich’s Programs business, we also have a team of business analysts and distribution specialists dedicated to finding new program opportunities. We work with program administrators to grow and expand their programs and create opportunities in new markets.

Dedicated Due Diligence Team

Zurich is one of the only carriers that has a dedicated due diligence team that works with potential program administrators to determine if each program is the right fit for both Zurich and the program administrator.


Zurich has a global claims team consisting of claims, legal and support professionals in over 170 countries and territories who work together to solve problems regardless of location. Many Zurich claims professionals have advanced degrees in law, health and engineering sciences. Employees are provided with cross-border international claims training to help facilitate a consistent global claims delivery and to promote the development of a truly global claims community.

Great Flexibility

We offer you the flexibility to handle all types of programs from property to professional liability and just about everything in between.


Any time we look at new products, any time we think about the direction we want to go, we look to Zurich for their leadership, for their commitment to the space. They’ve shown they have a commitment to it and they have a lot of good ideas.

-- Current Zurich Program Administrator

Value Added Services

Data Interface Solutions

Investment in industry-leading data interface solutions, such as Zurich’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which enables automated upload and download exchange of data between PA and Zurich with a single click


Zurich’s Program-dedicated marketing specialists provide market analysis and strategy for Zurich’s program administrators, including comprehensive industry analysis, evaluation of the competitive landscape, and identification of growth and expansion opportunities.

The team also develops tactical marketing plans for program administrators and provides actionable customer insights, such as customer segmentation, market sizing, market opportunity analysis, Net Promoter Score to improve customer relations, and ongoing proposition development as the program evolves and grows.